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Depression: About and Treatment

A mood disorder that many people suffer from, statistics talk about as many as 20% of the population (1 in 5) will experience "Clinical Depression" during their life time, a terrible feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that is very debilitating and can interfere with the individual not being able to enjoy their lives but also can be debilitating to the point where one might think about ending one's life. Day to day it does affect the mood and also the thought process, it becomes difficult to concentrate, focus and they forget things easily among other symptoms.

Significant progress has been made in the understanding of depression and its treatment, not only medication (antidepressants) but psychological treatment has proven to be as effective without the side effects. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a mid to short term therapy that can provide the tool necessary for the individual to acquire the quality of life we are all meant to have.